Daniel Jolley aka Buddy the Clown came from the famous Jolley Clown family out of central Vermont. His parents performed at many events throughout New England with 6 kids, dogs, ponies and sometimes goats. This helped shape a young clown into a full time performer as his love for the arts as well as an entertaining and causing smiles and laughs drove him to achieve greater heights.  He started practicing juggling, uni-cycling, balloons and magic at a very young age. With  some of the skills acquired and some marketing Daniel started doing events in Vermont and New Hampshire as young as 14 alone. And then when he could drive at age 16, dove right into large fairs and festivals as well as other events.

Through time, more has been added to the Buddy the Clown persona and he has won numerous awards and performed at large and small events all across eastern USA as well as a few events in other parts of the country and world. This is much more than a job for him, this is a passion, and at age 24 Buddy is one of the youngest full time clown performers in the market. Performing is something he plans on doing professionally for the rest of his life.

Daniel has many goals in mind and has been able to achieve a childhood dream of actively entertaining as a profession. But, that is not the pinnacle of all he hopes to be. Going for world records, touring consistently internationally and becoming a household name are high aspirations for this clown based in a small town of 900 in Vermont.

It is my sincere hope that I can affect you in a way that creates a memorable and lasting experience that furthers your interest in clowns, the arts and in the end leaving you wanting more.


New skills and entertainment offerings are added every year and we hope to entertain you at any event in the future. Thank you for stopping by, feel free to contact is with any questions.