Daniel Jolley / Buddy the Clown teaches hands-on beginner, intermediate, and expert balloon classes. In each class, you will learn how to become a balloon artist in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Classes are limited to a maximum of 30 people so that individual instruction is possible. Balloon classes are offered for all ages, however, I recommend separate classes for those under 10 years of age.

Here are a few commonly asked questions:

Q: Why should I take a balloon class?

A: A class will teach you how to make balloon sculptures and how to bring fun to almost every situation. Whether you want to be a professional balloonist or you are a grandparent that wants to make balloons at family events, balloon twisting instructions in a class setting is for you. Balloon classes are also a great way for kids to learn to interact with each other and to develop creative skills.

Q: What kind of balloons do you use?

A: I use Qualatex 260 balloons. I have found these to be the highest quality and they show the best durability out of all the different balloon manufacturers and sizes. However, during the class, I will show different types of balloons and what they are used for. These balloons cannot be bought at big-box stores and normally cannot be found at party stores either due to their higher quality. Each student in the beginner class receives a bag of balloons and a professional pump.

Q: Why do you recommend a live class over other instructional media?

A: I found that when I learned how to make balloons that following an instructional book, sound media, or VHS (Hey! That wasn’t so long ago…) was often confusing and not very clear. It is proven that live teaching and hands-on experience helps one learn and remember more quickly. I definitely recommend a live class at least for beginners. Once one learns the basic concepts, it is easier to use other instructional media. I recommend DVD’s now over any other published media venue.

Q: What is the hardest balloon sculpture that you teach?

A: Since there are three different skill levels, I teach the hardest balloon sculpture per skill level. For example, in the beginner levels, it may be a motorcycle, in the intermediate, a butterfly, and in the expert, a princess. However, I find that every class is different; that is why I keep classes to an average maximum of 30 people so that everyone gets a chance to have personal interaction and learn at their own pace.

Q: Do you recommend any further instructional literature or classes?

A: Absolutely, I can only teach you a certain amount in a few classes. Even with the expert classes, I do not have time to teach everything. I have for sale an instructional how-to balloon DVD, and I recommend a few others as well.

Q: I notice that you’re in the northeast, do you travel outside that as well?

A: Yes, I can do classes across North America and overseas. Whether you are a school, a clown alley, or a convention, I offer balloon instruction for your need. However, each circumstance is different, so please contact me before you begin organizing an event.

Q: Do you do summer camps?

A: I really enjoy instructing at summer camps, however, because of Buddy the Clown events, I am normally booked far in advance for the summer. I do, however, work very well with kids, and have qualifications to instruct children ages 6 and up. Contact me for more information!

Q: Do you teach any other classes?

A: At the moment I don’t; however, I am well rehearsed in the areas of magic, unicycling, and entertainment marketing. Contact me for information on some of the experts in those fields that teach classes near you.