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What Good is a Clown to Church?


A Christian clown can be of great help to a church ministry. Does your church hold carnival days? Block parties? VBS celebrations or AWANA award ceremonies? Perhaps a church promotion day is on your calendar so that you can reach out to the community and draw people in. Well a clown is great for that!

Clowns can be an awesome draw to bring in folks from the community. Clowns tend to be bright and eye-catching, which is great for promotional material. When people hear that there will be a magic or ventriloquism show, they are likely to “darken the doors” of the church, even if only because their kids want to come! And if you’re having a carnival day, it is not complete without an awesome balloon twister present!

Speaking of balloons, a clown can teach church members going on missions trips how to twist balloons – this can be an incredible ministry in other countries. Balloons are an affordable but tangible gift that you can give to people who don’t normally receive gifts, and this is a great way to show the love of Christ. Some clowns may even be willing to go with your church on a mission trip to aid in the ministry!

Buddy’s church ministry is based out of Bible Baptist Church in Berlin, VT, and Buddy (Daniel Jolley) is soon to be licensed for ministry (at the end of this month – Jan. 2015). The couple’s passion to reach children for Christ is evident in their desire to work with churches to teach kids about salvation and other Bible messages. While loads of fun, Buddy makes evident the serious importance of the gospel during his presentations.

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