Clown Ministry

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What Good is a Clown to Church?


A Christian clown can be of great help to a church ministry. Does your church hold carnival days? Block parties? VBS celebrations or AWANA award ceremonies? Perhaps a church promotion day is on your calendar so that you can reach out to the community and draw people in. Well a clown is great for that!

Clowns can be an awesome draw to bring in folks from the community. Clowns tend to be bright and eye-catching, which is great for promotional material. When people hear that there will be a magic or ventriloquism show, they are likely to “darken the doors” of the church, even if only because their kids want to come! And if you’re having a carnival day, it is not complete without an awesome balloon twister present!

Speaking of balloons, a clown can teach church members going on missions trips how to twist balloons – this can be an incredible ministry in other countries. Balloons are an affordable but tangible gift that you can give to people who don’t normally receive gifts, and this is a great way to show the love of Christ. Some clowns may even be willing to go with your church on a mission trip to aid in the ministry!

Buddy’s church ministry is based out of Bible Baptist Church in Berlin, VT, and Buddy (Daniel Jolley) is soon to be licensed for ministry (at the end of this month – Jan. 2015). The couple’s passion to reach children for Christ is evident in their desire to work with churches to teach kids about salvation and other Bible messages. While loads of fun, Buddy makes evident the serious importance of the gospel during his presentations.

Vermont Fair Dates

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Vermont Maple Festival Dates: April 24-26th 2015.- Buddy will be there!

Vermont Dairy Festival  Dates: June 4th-7th 2015

Bradford Fair           Dates: July 16th-19 2015

Lamoille County Field Days Dates: July 24th-26th-Buddy with be there!

Franklin County Field Days  Dates: July 30th-August 2nd 2015 Buddy will be there!

Addison County Fair and Field Days Dates:  August 4th-8th 2015 -Biggest Agricultural Fair in Vermont

Orleans County Fair   Dates : August 19-23rd 2015-Buddy will be there!

Deerfield Valley Farmers Fair Dates: August 20th-23rd 2015

Caledonia County Fair      Dates: August 26th-30th 2015

Bondville Fair       Dates: August 28th-30th 2015

Champlain Valley Fair  Dates: August 28th-September 6th 2015

Vermont State Fair Dates: September 5th-12th 2015

Tunbridge Fair Dates: Dates: September 17th-20th 2015-Buddy will be there!

The Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival Dates  October 3-4th 2015


Have you ever been to a Vermont Fair or Festival? Not the carnival-type festivals where all there is, is rip-off games and crazy rides that make your stomach queasy. Vermont Fairs and Festivals are events that unite the culture of fun and agriculture into one event. The fairs include dairy shows, oxen pulls, sheep shearing and even pig wrangling. Vermont tradition and style requires maple “creemees”, maple cotton candy, and maple covered bacon to be a staple at many of the fairs throughout the state where maple is judged and awarded according to type and color.

While maple may hold its own as what is unique about Vermonts Fairs, the dairy and farm industry holds a big spot in the mind and focus of the events as well. The original fairs started in the peak of summer or harvest, and it was a time of celebration of the farm and community. The prize cows and milk would receive great accolades among peers, and the ribbons were fiercely contested for. Now, while much of the close-knit community has gone away, the Fairs are a great historical marker that give us a glimpse of what once was.

Of course you have to get the in state Ben & Jerry’s products and Cabot cheeses that are often on display to show tribute to the past, or just to satisfy the yearly cravings.

Entertainment is a huge part of the draw of our local fairs and has been for centuries.  The fairs are complete with traveling performers that dazzle the audiences with magic and balloons, or dogs jumping for frisbees at the command of a trainer. Even walk-around stilt characters and clowns are in the mix, the biggest of these being the big top. Now, most of these are no more, but a few of the largest fairs in the state still include trapeze artists, elephants, motorcycle stunt teams, and more.

With all that’s included in your admission through the gates, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your day. It’s said that many fairs across America are out to take every last dollar in your pocket. That is simply not so for Vermont fairs; these local fairs are meant for community fun and are non-profit events. The goal is to give out family-friendly fun for the locals and travelers in the Vermont state. Buddy the Clown shares this goal, as does numerous Fairs and Festivals throughout Vermont, including the Vermont Maple Festival, Stars and Stripes Festival, Lamoille County Field Days, Franklin County Field Days, Orleans County Fair, Tunbridge Fair, and numerous other small home day festivals and events. Buddy does multiple comedy magic shows, walk-around routines with balloons, uni-cycling, and drives the one-of-a-kind bubble car.

I personally hope to see you at one of our great Vermont Fairs! Feel free to check out some reviews of some our favorites here. Below is a list of the 2015 dates of Vermont Fairs. Have fun!





Vermont Birthday Parties

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Vermont Birthday Parties

There are some things that you can only do in Vermont. Vermont has some of the best ski resorts you can visit. It’s also known for its great ice cream, cheeses, and (duh) maple syrup. Did you know that Vermont also has some great birthday party options as well?

If you’d like an environmentally-friendly option, you should check out ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Vermont for your child’s next birthday party. You can have a green, eco-friendly, Vermont-style birthday party for a reasonable price! Your child can explore many different animals and hands-on exhibits after the party for a birthday they will never forget. Depending on which package you choose, you can also have an animal demo in your own birthday party room. If going green is your thing and your child loves animals, ECHO is the way to go. Check out

Also available for a craft-centered child is Davis Studio. Davis Studio offers many themes for birthday parties in Vermont, including Fashion Runway, Acrylic Painting, Improv & Theater, Painted Pottery, and more. Each child will go home with a handmade craft of their own after a birthday party here. This is a great way to go for the creative child. You can look at what they offer here:

A Vermont birthday party for the active child in your family may include a trip to Petra Cliffs. Petra Cliffs offers fun rock-climbing activities for different age groups. Staff will work with you as you climb, go bouldering, and even on high ropes. If your child wants an adventure for their birthday party in Vermont, this is one way to make that dream come to life! Birthday party details are here:

Then, of course, there’s always the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory for the child who loves their toys. If putting a teddy bear together is your child’s cup of tea, this is the birthday party place for them! Of course, they will come home with a bear that they will love! Check them out here:

But if you want local entertainment for your Vermont birthday party, Buddy the Clown is your man! Located in central Vermont, Buddy is here to fulfill your party’s needs. From magic shows to clowning acts to temporary tattoos and games, your birthday party will be full of fun and laughs for everyone. For a magical birthday party with loads of unforgettable fun and balloons everywhere, check out Buddy’s birthday party page:

What is a Clown?

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What is a Clown?

One may wonder, what defines a clown? Is it the big feet, or the red nose? Or are you a clown if you have a squirting flower on your vest? How can you tell if someone is “good at” being a clown, or if they are just “clowning around”? Perhaps we can find some answers. defines a clown as:

a comic performer, as in a circus, theatrical production, or the like, who wears an outlandish costume and makeup and entertains by pantomiming common situations or actions in exaggerated or ridiculous fashion, by juggling or tumbling, etc.”

So there’s one train of thought on clowns. Here’s a definition of a clown from Merriam Webster:

someone who performs in a circus, who wears funny clothes and makeup, and who tries to make people laugh”

Now we all know that not all clowns perform in the circus… like Buddy! People put many definitions on what a clown is; some say you must go to clown school, some require you be registered with Clowns of America International and other clown associations, others say every inch of skin must be covered or you must wear a wig. It’s fairly unlikely that two people will have the same requirements of what makes a clown.

The most basic, true definition of a clown is someone who makes people laugh. It’s normally a dressed-up person doing goofy things to entertain an audience and bring out smiles all around.

However, there’s something different that brings clowning to a professional level. What is a professional clown?

The word clown used to mean “professional fool, professional or habitual jester” ( So being a jester or fool is one part of being a clown. But we already got that, right? What more is required?

Well, a “professional”, as described by, is A person engaged in a specified activity, especially a sport or branch of the performing arts, as a main paid occupation rather than as a pastime”, or “a person competent or skilled in a particular activity”.

So, if you put everything together, a professional clown is someone who dresses up in entertaining clothes and makeup, performs skillfully in whatever their art may be (i.e. juggling, magic, etc.), and makes people laugh as their livelihood. Now, there are many details that can be delved into, such as professional clown makeup and clothing and qualifications and etc., but if you’re making a living off of it and people like you, you’re probably doing a pretty good job at being a professional clown!

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