[rev_slider Buddy the Clown]Buddy the Clown is an expert at entertaining for company picnics, customer appreciation days, Christmas and holiday parties, and much more! Whether your company event requires walk-around or stage entertainment, Buddy is sure to help make your picnic or party a blast. Many events include table-to-table entertainment, magic comedy shows, or fancy balloons, and Buddy can perform all of these with professional flair. Commonly asked questions: Q: Do you entertain adults as well as kids? A: Entertaining adults is no problem for Buddy; he offers friendly entertainment for all ages. He has been known to clown for doctors and lawyers as well as senior adults. Buddy’s fun shows bring laughter to everyone. Through unicycling, balloon sculpting, and even award-winning puppetry, Buddy will win over hearts of all ages; clowns aren’t just for kids anymore! Q: Do we need a stage for you to do a show? A: Buddy the Clown has entertained groups varying in size from 5 to over 200, and although Buddy’s shows are relatively the same for both venues, he easily performs with or without a stage and speaker system. If you’d like to have a speaker system set up at your picnic with Buddy, he will be happy to bring one with him at no extra cost. Q: How fancy are your balloons for company events? A: Buddy’s balloon repertoire exceed 250 different sculptures, and he makes all varieties of balloons, whether they be poodles and turtles or princesses and dragons. Buddy makes more fancy designs for smaller corporate events, as he has more time per person. The more complicated designs may take up to 5 minutes, but are sure to amaze your employees and make them feel appreciated. For larger events, Buddy tends to keep sculptures smaller but are just as amazing. Events are just so much more fun when there are butterflies and hummingbirds floating everywhere! Q: Do you do outdoor events? A: From falling snow to searing heat, Buddy entertains in all kinds of circumstances so that there will be laughter and fun for everyone.