Buddy the clown is seen at many home days and sports events throughout the year, entertaining crowds with loads of laughter and balloon fun! Whether you are a town manager organizing a home day celebration or a marketing director for a sports venue, Buddy has event packages that will fit your needs. Buddy has performed for basketball, baseball, and even roller derby sporting events across the northeast and would be happy to bring fun and excitement to your next special occasion.

For home days, Buddy enjoys participating in parades with his one-of-a-kind clown bubble car, and can excite crowds by riding around on his 5-foot giraffe unicycle. He captivates audience members of all ages with his amazing comedy magic shows which involve the entire crowd in an interactive format. Balloon sculptures are his forte, and he amuses even teens with his balloon twisting skills. Out of his 250+ balloon repertoire, Buddy makes everything from cartoon characters to crazy hats to pets and zoo animals. Buddy is easy to work with, and is a fully insured and certified performer. He will be sure to add to the success of your town home day.

For sports events, Buddy specializes in making sports-related and other balloon sculptures for patrons, hosts, team members, and all those involved with the occasion. Buddy “has a ball” performing alongside of mascots on court or field and helps contribute to the fun and exciting ambiance of the event. If you are looking for a game or challenge for your half-time show, quarter break, or the like, Buddy has many fun ways to help. Whether you want Buddy once in a season, once a month, or for every home game, Buddy has rate packages tailored to your need. Call up Buddy for your next game so that he can help make it a blast for everyone!

For more information, pricing, etc., please fill out the “Contact Me” form or call Buddy at (802)522-3449.