From parades that last a few miles to parades that stretch the length of the town, there are many across the state of Vermont that offer many sights to see for everyone. Almost every town and county has its own festival that hosts a fun parade. These parades may celebrate Vermont’s gorgeous fall foliage or holidays like the 4th of July. Some parades honor other things, like lilac festivals that celebrate the blooming of one of Vermont’s very popular flowers. At a parade, you can see small businesses showing off their home-made floats and large bands that bring a patriotic ambiance or a foot-tapping beat. All of takes place where one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vermont. The memories you will create will often last for much longer than just the weekend.

Buddy the Clown performs for many parades every year. Buddy makes jaws drop as he careens around on his huge giraffe unicycle, or causes lots of giggles and laughs when he struggles to keep up with the parade on a little-bitty mini bike. Also new for Buddy’s parade offerings is his crazy clown bubble car which puts out hundreds of bubbles for children to chase as he drives over the grounds. Buddy is often called the “Pied Piper” of parades thanks to this bubbling contraption!

When not on wheels, Buddy brings his award-winning ventriloquism skills and comedic puppetry to the stage so that everyone will have a blast. When you add his juggling entertainment or walking suitcase routine, Buddy is a fun walk-around character you won’t quickly forget.

Buddy is often asked to create balloon sculptures for patrons at many events, and he even offers the “balloon bomb”, where he brings in over 1,000+ balloon poodles and hands them out to every child or adult on the sideline of the parade. Almost everywhere you look, you can find colorful balloons bringing joy to everyone.

Buddy is available to be hired for any parade across the Northeast. He is also great to work with if you wish to combine with another event so that you can get walk-around balloons, parade presence, and stage shows. Contact Buddy for more information and he will be happy to respond to any questions!