Waterbury,Vermont | NQID Chair Waterbury Rotary |

Buddy the Clown was the Pied Piper of Waterbury’s Not Quite Independence Day (NQID)!  Wherever Buddy went, he was followed by a host of young people.  I found myself following him as well, because who doesn’t love a clown?  He had already proved to me, on a previous occasion, that he could create individualized balloon art that literally fit my personality to a tee.  I have to admit that the child in me wanted another balloon and why not, our event was a celebration of the 4th of July, organized for the weekend before the actual 4th, and I was in a celebratory mood.

He was a ray of sunshine on a day that threatened not only high winds and thunderstorms, but a tornado as well.  Buddy, kept his calm and was a true professional.  We not only had Buddy roaming the field, but he also did a stage show.  Once again, he showed that clowns are not only for children, that they also bring to life the child in all of us, long after we grow old.  The show was designed to be interactive and to engage people of all ages.  I received many, many comments from a wide range of people who really enjoyed his clowning around.

I first heard of Buddy from my sister who had been to a party where he had performed….I was happy to get that recommendation and I’m even happier to be able to recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone to add a bit of whimsy and light-heartedness to their event.  With Buddy, you can’t go wrong!